Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Truth 2/3

Marriage is not only a unity that can take place between a man and a man, between a woman and a woman. It is further a union and even a communion that can only happen between a man and a woman. So it is that marriage is consummate union and a sexual communion that bring about a domestic community. And all these realities of marital union, conjugal communion, and parental community can and do take place between a man and a woman and the eventual family they both have.

So it is that there are some silly but sensible joke that come to fore about Same Sex Marriage – without the least malice intended but simply to drive home the point that marriage is meant between a man and a woman: “In a man and a woman marriage, the parts don’t fit.” “If there were but hens or roosters, there would not be a single egg to fry.” “Did not the Good Book say that there was Adam and Eve – not Adam and Adam, Eve and Eve?” So it is that nature and logic all subscribe to truth that marriage is between a man and a woman – and others born therefrom. Again, some questions are in order:

Question: What does the Philippine Constitution say about the family?
Answer: “The State recognizes the sanctity of family life … It shall equally protect the life of the mother and the life of the unborn from conception,” (State Policies, Section 12). The mere mention of the reality of the family plus the fact of motherhood specifically in conjunction with the coming of children – all these have clear and immediate reference to a man and a woman relationship specially that in the realm of marriage.

Question: What does the Family Code of the Philippines say about marriage?
Answer: “Marriage is a special contract between a man and a woman,” (Title 1, Art. 1). This declaration is not simply direct and expressed but also definitive and categorical – and wherefore clearly self-explanatory. In other words, the Code specifically speaks about marriage and the two principal and wherefore indispensable individuals involved therein. Neither a man only nor a woman only – much less a man and a man or a woman and a woman – but both of them are the ones who make a family.

Question: What does reason say about men and women?
Answer: They can have the most delightful relationship, the most intimate partnership, the most consummate covenant. All honest to goodness Love Songs profess such human aspirations – just as the well-known “Dahil sa Iyo” and a thousand other songs of love. “I’ll Be Loving You Eternally,” “You Belong To My Heart Now and Forever,” “You’re My Everything,” and on and on they keep being composed and sung with delight.”