Friday, July 19, 2013


Time and again, it is said repeatedly and emphasized accordingly that a Public Office is public trust and is meant for public service in order to bring about the public welfare of the people concerned. Otherwise, it is looked upon and accordingly exercised as a personal prerogative for personal advantage in accord with personal desires and designs. This is nothing less than an incarnate betrayal of the Public Office consigned to a public official and hereto entrusted for service in favor of those who precisely assigned the Office to the same official.

When a political community is faithful and attentive to mandate and finality of any local or national Public Office, this is a fortune and a blessing to the civil community concerned. Otherwise, it would mean the curse and disaster to the constituents of the latter. All these are elementary knowledge and common experience of people the world over. There is a saying in Latin “Talis rex quails rex.” i.e., the people are only as well or blessed pursuant to the goodness – integrity, honesty, industry – of their leaders. This is why when people are impoverished or miserable; the ultimate conclusion is that their leaders are covetous and rapacious.

It does not take much analysis or profound insight to make and affirm the following conclusions – as abundantly evidenced by human history across the centuries: One, individual politicians who prove faithful and responsive to their assigned Public Offices are looked upon, written about and remembered with gratitude and admiration. Two, they remain big credits of the Political Party they belong to, in the same way that they are considered the pride of their constituents they served well. Three, politicians however who precisely betray the Public Offices they swear to fulfill by converting them into personal offices for self-service, are looked down upon with disgust and remembered with aversion.

By the way, genuine and sustained public service, altruistic interest and concern for others on the part of politicians, have the following more signal consequences: First, they become bigger in image and taller in stature for being pro-others. Second, they are thus in fact the fortune and consequent pride of the people who become their beneficiary as a whole. Third, they are well-loved and well-remembered by the said people even if they are already our of public service.

So it is that there is definitely and infallibly and end to anything and everything in the tempolar and secular world. So it is that as someone is born into the world, bringing nothing, with nothing too he leaves the world behind except the appreciation for his good deeds – or the depreciation of this evil acts. So is it that there are heroes remembered with delight as well as villains recalled with aversion.