Monday, July 29, 2013

Philippine Politics

There are two sides to every matter, to every question and issue. Specifically in conjunction with Philippine politics, it is admittedly rather difficult to be positive about it – to applaud its practice, to admire its spirit, to hail its main characteristics. With the continuous perpetration of graft and corrupt practices, the criminal elements in the very ranks of those tasked to uphold the law plus the incumbency of a good number of politicos only their mothers would trust and could admire, it would be sheer hypocrisy if not ignorance incarnate, to be positive about Philippine politics. And this is saying nothing about the consistently suspect trio of friends, classmates, and gun lovers, the incompetent leadership, the dynastic reigns, the ever obtaining poverty and a litany of many other negative social inputs courtesy of politics. But just the same, it is not really out of order to mention certain revealing liabilities in today’s Philippine political scene, embarrassing though they be – such as:

The salient constitutional provision of separation of powers among the three branches of government is neutralized for politico-reciprocal advantages.

The confirmed image of politics as good business enterprise as it is well-identified with the rich and powerful generously capitalizing their elections.

The role of the Executive Department collaborating with the Legislature in progressively bigger grants of “Pork Barrel” among their members.

The practical non-accountability of the continuous and huge income of GOCCs where to political protégées are conveniently assigned.

The very unequal and much delayed administration of justice due to personal considerations, payments of political debts, and the corruption of judges.

The progressively and systematically corrupted electoral process in favor of the wealth, the powerful, and the influential candidates for public offices.

The payment of big political debts of those elected particularly through the appointment of their supporters to juicy government positions.

While it is admittedly a hard and tough venture to ameliorate Philippine Politics according to the demands of truth, justice, and peace, such however is not altogether a vain and futile mission. Would that the People of the Philippines, who supposedly have the sovereignty in the Republic, would not play blind, deaf, and dumb to blatant political realities in the country. Otherwise, they are the big losers themselves.