Friday, July 05, 2013

Danger in Truth

While truth fortunately liberates people from ignorance and falsity, and white it providentially brings individuals to know what is right, proper, and just, it is also truth that not only hurts but also dismays people who do not know what realities are, or do not want to know what is wrong, fallacious or unsound, then truth is a much unwelcome subject matter.

It is not really a secret when not only the common tao but also distinct and powerful individuals do not know or ignore the truth, or simply do not want to accept what the truth is. This is a pity for private persons but disastrous for public figures who think and behave like little gods – specially so when they carry supreme titles and the consequent power and influence that go therewith in making decisions, in dealing with people, in leading a country. Ignorance and power make a disastrous combination.

Here is the irony of the phenomenon in the democratic nation when sovereignty is said to reside in the people yet owned and exercised by their merely elected leader – particularly someone in the highest level of government. There is one infallible sign when such a socio-political aberration comes to fore, viz., the said leader thinks, acts, and behaves as someone omniscient and wherefore omnipotent. And this spells trouble.

Among other things, thus wrote someone who has the distinct advantage of having been long closely and actively involved in politics, who personally witnessed the coming and going of one government after another, and who is not unknown for his ingenious thoughts and incisive pronouncements: “No government is destabilized by external forces. It destabilizes itself because of its errors and lack of performance … Opposition to government never takes off, if the government performs well.” (H.A.B., Leaders from Marcos to Arroyo. 2009, p.135.) Well thought off, well written about.

There is another truth that can be added to the above incisive thought. This: A government is furthermore destabilized by individuals who are precisely major members thereof, who find the government losing the trust of the governed, and who therefore “jump off the ship” in order not to to drown therewith. These are the “insiders” who are chosen as very close collaborators of their chief but eventually distance themselves from him. This phenomenon is along the line of the well known saying: “When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.”

Leadership plus incompetence are another fatal combination. Such is the truth. And such is the danger of truth.