Thursday, July 18, 2013

An Open Letter to the Honorable Justices of the Supreme Court of the Philippines

Open Letter 

The Honorable Justices
Supreme Court


Peace and wellness be yours!

As a simple human being without any social authority and as a plain Filipino citizen with no claim to any prerogative, I beg you to please allow me to address you this likewise simple and plain letter about the RH Law you are asked to evaluate and judge according to the implications and consequences of the law, the rule of reason and the dictate of conscience.

In conjunction with the said population control legislation with its consequent promotion of contraception by many possible means with many possible effects, I ask myself: “When did not own life begin? When did I become a human being? When was I a human person?” The little I know is that my father and mother must have consummated their marriage, must have allowed their respective generative cells not only to meet but also to precisely to become but one. And there I was in my initial self who assiduously sought the protection and provision of the womb of my mama who thus carried me for nine months or so, until I was born.

Thus it was that I started to exist and to live when my father and mother allowed my conception. And I precisely sought implantation to continue my existence, to nourish my life – courtesy of the womb of my mother. And the rest is history. Hence, if I had no existence and life at conception, how and why would I try my utmost best to have my implantation in my mother’s womb until the day I was born. In my elementary thoughts, Your Honors would not be who and what you are now if you did not undergo exactly the same genesis – as I did.

Know what? I deeply admire the Fundamental Law of the Land that expressly says that the State shall protect the life of the unborn “from conception.” MABUHAY PO KAYO!

Very respectfully on the GOOD LORD,
15 July 2013