Monday, July 01, 2013

Alms. Dole Outs. Donation.

Millions are poor, hungry, and destitute. Thousands have no decent houses to live in, no clean environ to live within. Hundreds have already died on account of accidents and sickness – such as the pouring of heavy rains and the consequent killer floods thereafter. Puerile and thus pitiful response from the present administration: Transfer some cash to their chosen hands. Give them some allowance to get by. Undertake band-aid solutions to their deadly predicament. And the administration then not merely expects but even demands the undying gratitude of the poor and the big adulation of the general public.

Yet – strange but true – this government readily vetoed the “Magna Carta for the Poor” according to which the genuine and lasting solution to poverty among more and more Filipinos are definitely not resolved merely by meager donations every now and then, not by plain dole outs on various occasions, much less by regular alms giving, a big amount of which are instead pocketed by those precisely tasked to give them away – as another expression of gross graft and corrupt practices in the country, notwithstanding all contrary and repeated self-praises plus self-admiration of the insensitive administration that more and more people however in fact denounce.

Only beggars really ask for alms just as only the indolent seek dole-outs, in the same way that charitable organizations need donations. The “Magna Carta for the Poor” – which was nonchalantly and immediately considered as but garbage by the administration – is the admirable end-product of a good number of hours of reflections and discussions by knowledgeable and capable legislators. More than but good will, they were convinced that the millions of poor Filipinos must have something much more lasting to look forward to – which in a word is “development” specifically in terms of socio-economic progress.

One, their is need of health care. Two, their requirement of education. Three, their quest for education. Four, their search for work. These are the four key and immediate requirements that the poor in the country understandably require and seek for their eventual redemption from poverty if not downright misery. They are the necessary and immediate agenda that the administration should undertake and attend to for the redemption of the poor and the socio-economic development of the country as a whole.

Such is the simple and realistic combined four-agenda proactive program that a capable and intelligent administration should attend to, not merely giving away money here and there – money which is not even its own but from the people themselves through their continued payments of direct and indirect taxes. Sad to say, the present administration is but reactive and self-serving in its posture and pursuant action.

Poor people of the Philippines!