Monday, June 03, 2013


The word “suicide” is the exact translation of the Latin words, “sui ipsum occidere” or simply “suicidium,” i.e., killing oneself. Considering that one’s life is not his/her own whereas it comes from the consummate union of his/her father and mother – setting aside for the moment, any appeal beyond the natural order – it stands to reason that one’s life comes from two persons. Thus is it that suicide is wrong not only according to the dictate of reason but also in line with the norm of ethics. Suicide then is neither logical nor ethical, neither rational nor moral. So it is that even but a stone refuses to be broken – as a matter of course.

All the above observations notwithstanding, why is it that individuals commit suicide? There was the suicide committed by a well-known gentleman before the tomb of his mother. And in the more recent days, there were not only adults but also young people who precisely committed suicide for one reason or another. Would that no more suicide by anyone for any cause would ever happen again – which is but wishful thinking. Hence, the question, “Why does anyone commit suicide?” Many individuals proffer many answers to this but on question. The following one makes sense.

Depressive disorder, major depressive episodes, major depressive factors – these are the common causal factors of suicide according to experts in behavioral science. It is worth nothing that in all the above-mentioned causes of suicide, the word “depressive” is a constant qualifying factor. In other words, there would be no suicide if there were no depression – although not all depressions lead to suicide. And such realities as extreme sadness, deep hopelessness, profound discouragement and other severe emotional factors, may and do make a person concerned commit suicide.

But the why is it that there are people afflicted by major depressive realities for one reason or another who, however, do not commit suicide? It is a known fact that there are individuals who lost their whole families, who saw their houses and all belongings burn, who met accident and had their hands/legs cut and other major depressive events – and yet did not commit suicide? If major depressive episodes were the only cause of suicide, this would be much more in frequency and number – and might in effect no longer be newsworthy.

In other words, suicides are not caused only by depression no matter how major or severe this be. This is to say that in the world of objective realities, it is a major depression plus an emotionally weak personality constitution that are the combined causal factor of suicide. Hence, it is that not only the kind of depression but also the kind of personality one has, that are the pairing that may come about with the truly lamentable fact of suicide.

This is why suicide is the most painful: It is the end-product of something very depressing plus someone in particular unable to bear it.