Friday, June 28, 2013


After “DIVORCE” and “PRENUPTIAL AGREEMENT,” which is precisely in preparation for divorce, the so-called “SAME SEX MARRIAGE” is but the beginning of another “MODERN” innovative expressions of marriage – such as the emerging practices of the so-called “COHABITATION AGREEMENT,” “RENEWABLE MARRIAGE CONTRACT,” and “GROUP MARRIAGE.”

Specifically as far as the “SAME SEX MARRIAGE” is concerned:

a. Such is against the NATURAL LAW because marriage is a bodily union – not merely an understanding, nor a plain embrace or a simple merger. Hence, only a man and a woman can have an honest to goodness union in love, in spirit, and in body – that usually bring forth other lives in the world.

b. Such is against the DIVINE LAW, considering that God created Adam and Eve – not Adam and Adam, nor Eve and Eve. Otherwise there could not have been Abel and Cain – and millions of other people thereafter.

c. Such is against HUMAN LAW as provided by the CONSTITUTION OF THE PHILIPPINES (Art, XV, Sec. 3) and the pursuant norms of FAMILY CODE OF THE PHILIPPINES (Title 1, Chapter 1, Article 1).

d. Such is but the factual manifestation of a “SEXUAL IDENTITY DISORDER” according to psychiatry or a “SAME SEX ATTRACTION” according to psychology.

(Someone said: If there are but rooters or hens, there would not be a single egg to fry. This is but a personal joke. But it is the objective truth as well.)

But all the above notwithstanding, all those contracting “Same Sex Marriage” are but the victims of their sexual personality constitution. And as such, they retain the claim to the respect and understanding of others. The truth is that men and women commit more disturbing sexual aberrations than members of the “third sex” who enter into a so-called “Same Sex Marriage.”