Monday, June 10, 2013

Economy Grows By A Stunning 7.8%

So was it loudly said that the Philippine economy grew. So did a known broadsheet carried it as a headline. So were the people either glowing in delight and appreciation or wondering and jeering with disbelief if not disgust. And so it is that such a good news for some yet a bad joke for others, rightfully deserves even but an elementary non-technical explanation from non-economic experts or professionals for the understanding of the common people. Thus:

It can be said that such a tremendous growth still is and remains in “Cloud 9.” Translation: Most of the moneys therein involved belong to both foreign and local capitalists plus some moneyed families in the country, investing their money in whatever local business ventures that promise profitable returns. As their investments make money, either they withdraw their gains for funding other business ventures or simply roll their money – capital plus earnings – in order to have more money.

In other words, the said economic “stunning” growth is up there at the command of already wealthy corporations and much moneyed clans. But down the economic ladder, the poor remain poor just as the miserable remain pitiful and helpless. It might be good to note that instead of the usual three “classes” in the local economic pyramid, there re now four of them: the “high class,” the middle class,” – which seems to be diminishing in number – the “low class,” and the “miserable class.”

Going back to the said headlines “Economy grows a stunning 7.8%,” to those who dare say that such a delirious news is ground reality, they might want to give right and convincing answers to but some easy questions: Why is it that those wanting to be OFWs are not becoming small in number? Why is it that people continue to live under bridges, still having their houses built at both sides of dirty canals full of garbage and filth? Why is it that women continue to sell their bodies while children continue to beg at the streets? And why it is that there are still individuals who sell their organs for the transplant needs of the wealthy?

With such readily known and noted socio-economic liabilities, time and again, the Philippines is crying for a competent, ethical, and decisive leadership. The Filipinos hope and pray for able, moral, and firm leaders elections after elections. All political candidates proclaim and even promise to be the saviors of the People of the Philippines, but so far, the people and their country – sad to say – are not really moving forward in their down-to-earth economy and pursuant social welfare plus socio-political standing even but in Asia. In fact, it is now being bullied by its Asian neighbors.

“Hope springs eternal!” This is a known maxim that Filipinos should hold on to now and the years yet to come. Why? Simple! Because despair is fatal!