Monday, June 17, 2013

Abortion is Contraception

Mask it with such seemingly honorable words as “Reproductive Health” although reproduction is precisely taboo and distinctly against population control that the over-all intent and finality of the law, cover it up with the generic word “Contraception” while this in effect includes not simply contraceptives but also sterilization such in form of vasectomy and tubal ligation, disguise it with but the proposed usage of “Contraceptives” even if surreptitiously such include abortive pills – this is the so-called “RH Law” which Malacañang certified as “Urgent”, which the Legislative Department humbly complied with, and which Malacañang signed one silent evening.

Such is the RH Law – notwithstanding its expressed approval by some supposedly eminent Clerics, certain presumably brilliant Brothers and open-minded Catholics. It is a pity that these experts and professionals will have to answer before their conscience and humanity every time abortion happens in the name of contraception – a heinous crime against every aborted child, considering that the fathers and mothers of said celebrated Clerics, distinguished Brothers and modern Catholics, allowed everyone of them to be born, to have life, to see the world.

Why is abortion considered an abominable crime – even but in the realm of reason? Consider the following thoughts: A fetus did not ask a man and a woman to give life thereto. Much less did the fetus give life to its own self. Why then will his or her own father and/or mother dare kill him or her? A fetus is totally dependent on his or her own father and/or mother to care for, to nurture and protect. How come then will his or her father and/or mother precisely murder him or her? To say it in gross yet true words: Even dogs and pigs, goats and carabaos do not have their tiny ones inside them, purposely killed or aborted!

This is precisely why abortion is considered nothing less than a heinous crime before conscience and the law. If killing oneself is wrong, killing some else is more wrong. And yet though altogether unsaid and wherefore totally quiet, the RH Law is open to abortion. People of good will and upright conscience could only hope and pray that everyone of those who made the RH Law a reality, would be spared from the curse and tribulation reserved for the proponent and agents of the heinous crime of abortion.

Now it is the turn of the Supreme Court to pronounce on the constitutionality – lawfulness, legitimacy, acceptability – of the RH Law. Hopefully, the said Court when sitting in judgment is really Supreme, i.e., not subject or subordinate to Executive Branch of government. If human law is allowed to be above the truth according to Natural Law, then there would be nothing less than lawlessness.