Wednesday, May 22, 2013


It is good to note well and to be much aware that there is something cooking in the kitchen of the rich and powerful so-called “leaders” in the country – courtesy of foreign pressure together with questionable if not downright unethical value system of certain locally well-known figures. This is not exactly along the line of the fable “Wolf! Wolf! Wolf!” when no single frightening wolf is around. It is simply meant to give an honest warning to those concerned. Why? As some people already know, Malacañang, with the collaboration of its good number of faithful and obedient allies in the Legislative Department, has an ominous plan of making key changes in the 1986 Constitution of the Philippines. Yes. Constitutions are drawn and changed and redrawn – but with integrity and prudence for the common good and public welfare of the people, not in subservience to foreigners with their self-serving and errant plans, programs, and projects.

Malacañang in close collaboration with its much favored local legislators has already succeeded in bitterly dividing the Filipinos with the passage of its much desired and certified urgent passage come Population Control Law – as instigated by the West. The law is definitely anti-fatherhood, anti-motherhood, anti-children, and wherefore anti-people. And while the law is temporally barred for implementation – possibly to somehow heal the ethical wounds it inflicted on the different sectors of the Philippines society – it should be no surprise at all if the Supreme Court would sooner than later certify not only its constitutionally but even its inherent merit and urgency for the socio-economic development of the country, considering that it is no secret that Malacañang also has some grateful followers even in the highest Hall of Justice in the country.

To this date, there are apparently three key constitutional amendments that the present administration has in mind and its will. This, however, does not mean that there could be no other changes in the Philippine Constitution the moment this made open and subject to amendments. What will these other amendments be, the best advice is, “wait and see!” But meantime, what are those three constitutional changes already on the drawing board?

One is in conjunction with the intent and spirit of the National Territorial Integrity as provided by Article I on the intent and reach of “National Territory.” It is not really a question of less or more Philippine territory – but the matter of national governance in conjunction with the Bangsamoro in line Article X, Section 15. Two is with reference to the Economic Provision as elaborated by Article XII. Three is with reference to divorce and same sex marriage dissonant with the State policy, Section 12, and Article XV.

All the above insensitive agenda are divisive of the Filipino as a people – courtesy of the present administration.