Friday, May 17, 2013


The Philippines is not only buying two brand new warships but also twelve jet fighters. So was the announcement made. So is the country in wait. So are the people either in a triumphant spirit, a surprised stance or a lamenting mood. And understandably so.

Triumphant Mood: Just imagine! There were but bancas before - in addition to old sea patrol boats. There was even that more than a decade old, much repaired and slowly moving ship. The joke was even made that the ship was dangerous - not really because of its weaponry or the like but rather on account of its abundant poisonous rust such as the mere touch of it was already considered deadly. But two brand new warships! Twelve jet fighters. This is impressive, astonishing, soul-stirring! China: “Don’t fool around with us!” Nokor: “Stay quiet and still – or else!" USA: “You are no longer needed.”

Surprised Stance: There were those who were simply flabbergasted! Ha? They were thinking of the meager wages, the costly prime commodities, the either rocketing price fuel or big shortage of power of Mindanao. They still vividly remember the onslaught of huge floods with the likewise huge destruction they brought about not only in the provinces but even in the might and proud Metro Manila. They even attempted to remember the continuously bigger and bigger gap between the rich and the poor in the Country. What has two brand new warships plus twelve jet planes got to do with such so much national socio-economic liabilities?!

Lamentable Mood: There is a big number of people who cannot find work, nor have decent houses to live in. There are the likewise great number of families who lack health care – plus the painful reality that they cannot afford to send their children to schools. Yet, while approved by both the House and the Senate, the “Magna Carta for the Poor” was unceremoniously vetoed by the President of the Republic. Yet he found the money to buy nothing less two brand new warships plus twelve jet fighters. Strange but true!

By the way considering that wars these times no longer use bolos and spears but has gone termo-unclear, for heavens sake, what can but two ships and twelve planes really do to defend the Country?! Said instruments of war are two little, too late. Is not Philippines a pet of USA - and USA is the supreme lord and master of the Philippines? Is not that USA is the most powerful nation in the world - especially in terms of all conceivable weapons designed to kill lives and to destroy whatever man has built? Or is the said purchase of warships and jet fighters nothing really more than a manifestation of a Playstation mentality?