Monday, May 13, 2013


Call this a tribute, and accolade or a testimonial to mothers – or whatever. This is but meant to say what mothers really are, who they truly are, and what they are specifically to their children. As some honest and complimentary and sincere observations made below about mothers, they are also specially intended to remind their children how to relate and treat their mothers when these are already grown up, when they are already on their own to think and decided as adults. One more thing, the following reminders and pointers about mothers, have particular reference to their girl children – even if only for the fact that they are basically the same in psychological and emotional constitution.

Every child starts its being, begins its life, in the womb of the mother – with mother and child literally attached to one another through the umbilical cord. Needless to say, this biological reality brings about the living symbiotic relationship between mother and child. For some nine months – every moment of the day – the mother carries and keeps nurtures and protects her child. Such a long and prolonged, close and intimate relationship interaction between the mothers of the child makes them nothing less than a “two-in-one” phenomenon. The mother cares for and feeds her in-womb child with her own nutrients, makes and helps the child breathe with her own breath – until her child can be somehow on its own – on the occasion of its birth through the labor and pain of the mother. Who else?!

But in no way does it stop there. Yes, the child is out of its mama’s womb. Yes, the umbilical cord joining them is eventually cut. Yes, the child cries to proclaim its readiness to face the world – though not yet, really. Mama lovingly, readily and regularly feeds her child with her own milk. Mama frequently, attentively and carefully cleans, powders, and clothes her child. Mama often carries and embraces her child with delight – kissing this again and again and again with much gusto. Mama teaches her child how to say “mama”, how to walk step by step – until the child can walk on her own little by little. But just the same, when hungry or in pain, when afraid pr just looking for comfort, the child calls for “mama”.

For one mysterious and marvelous reason or another, such is the unique and intimate closeness between mother and daughter that there is some kind of an unseen yet active and powerful antenna in the mother who then acquires some instinctive feelings about the lot her own daughter – if she is safe or in danger, if she is in good hands or not, if she is relating with the right or wrong man – with particular relevance to her choice of a spouse.

Ladies – listen and listen well to your mothers. Please!