Friday, May 03, 2013


There are those who think that the matter of what is good or bad is simply for the attention and compliance of little boys and girls. There are people who want to believe that the questions of what is virtuous or vicious is relevant but to the old, the pious, and religious men and women. And there are individuals who prefer to limit the reality and application of what is good or evil only to the ignorant, the poor, and the helpless. In other words, the rich, the powerful, and the influential are above the norms of ethics and/or are exempted of the principles of morals. These people mean danger!

These people look at churches - sects, creeds, religions - as but purveyors of consolation and comfort, of pietism and pacifism. In the event, however, those entities in fact even adore secular authorities such as high and known public officials, these protect, promote, and even fund such religious groupings. But when these dare speak contrary to the interests such potentates, especially so when they act against their whims and caprices of the latter, such religious movement are considered nuisance and must be therefore silenced if not done away with.

These people who consider churches as their enemies – simply because said religious or spiritual bodies do not bow down to their errant actions and erratic behavior – are in effect dangerous characters. They thus think and behave as if they are some kind of gods whom people must adore and obey, behave as if they are some infallible and feel they are almighty. And woe to those who cross the ways, who censure their wrongdoings especially against those who are weak, helpless, defenseless.

These people, however, always eventually come to know when their power and wealth no longer count, when their wishes and desires already become futile. When? When they are no longer in power and in command. When they become feeble and sick. And specially so when death is already standing by in wait for their last breath – something that sooner or later infallibly happens to everybody such as to kings and slaves, to commanders and followers, to the wealthy and the miserable. As it is said – and rightly so – death is the great equalizer.

Beware of individuals who think and feel that their ego is the fundamental reference of what is good or bad, that what they want to do or not want is the ultimate rule of right or wrong. Human history - Philippine history included - is the best witness to such a foul and tragic phenomenon. When leaders become masters instead of servers, when wealth is used to oppress rather than to liberate, when influence is employed to trample upon people instead of lifting them up! Beware!

Such individuals are dangerous characters! You bet!