Wednesday, May 01, 2013


It is not a secret much less an unaccepted fact that elections in the Philippines are mixtures of blessings and sorrows, causes of joys and tears. It had been such—long time since. It is the same this time. What it will be long hereafter is anybody’s guess. Nevertheless, one thing is certain: Philippine elections are not that good, neither are they that bad -- except when people are deliriously killed. When lives are wantonly wasted, when families are nonchalantly decimated. Such is the case of those ambushed in broad daylight, killed without mercy and even buried to hide their bodies—a heinous crime of the decade which to this day is still undergoing trial some years after it took place!

What are the delights brought about by the Philippine election? Some of them: the voters are treated as masters, superiors, and bosses. They are served, pampered, wooed. They are saturated with a host of promises, assured of better things to come. Their hopes for a better tomorrow are certified. They are entertained, made to feast. In addition to many giveaways, one infallible phenomenon is that much money go to their hands. This in turn makes business good and businessmen prosper. Who says elections in the Philippines is not fun?

What are the miseries caused by Philippine elections afterwards? Some of them: there are accusations and counteraccusations of cheating infallibly launched by those defeated in the exercise. There are affirmations or condemnations of COMELEC. Those who win eagerly assume their public offices in order to recover their elections expenses -- plus very much more. They speak, act and behave as little gods or vain divinities. They thus look down on people -- the poor and helpless in particular -- as inferior beings, troublesome creatures. This time around, there are more local and national dynastic rulers in the country.

Meantime, the people and their country in general remain the same in their pitiful socio-economic standing and mal development. The people by and large remain poor and helpless. Their country also still remains  "Third World” as far as industry and commerce are concerned. Filipinos continue to be the business materials of the government as OFW exports. This is not to mention the continuous taxations of people -- irrespective of whether they earn (direct taxation) or they spend (indirect taxation) from birth to death. And nothing is herein said about the oily, slippery, and ominous “Pork Barrel” reward for the winners in the election.

But then, some three years from now, there is going to be another election in the local and national levels, for the Office of the President in particular -- if the Philippine Constitution is not changed meantime.

Elections, oh, elections! You come and go! But graft and corrupt practices remain daily bread! Hence in poverty and misery we continue to wallow!