Friday, April 12, 2013

What’s Happening?

There is much truth to the claim: “It’s more fun in the Philippines!” Yes, there are those beaches with their sand, gentle waters and clean surrounding. Yes, there are places in the country that are still luxuriously verdant and impressive to behold as they still remain untouched – not yet exploited, not yet desecrated – by irresponsible mining, inordinate logging and other manifestations of human greed. There us even now the newly discovered yet already well-known “Underground River” – a marvel of the world that is amazing to behold, awesome to remember.

In addition thereto – or it is precisely as a downright negation of the said “fun” – there are the infamous casinos all over the country now envisioned to soon become the gambling capital in this part of the world – not to mention the envisioned destination of crooks and gangsters from the four corners of the globe. There is also the proliferation of illegal drugs, the phenomenon of unbridled criminality even against women and children, not to say anything about the ready availability of high, middle, and low cost prostitution both in urban and rural areas.

As some kind of a crowning glory of the same “fun”, there is the ever entertaining and amusing as well as disgusting “Only in the Philippine Politics!” Translation: Politics in the country has been long since the cause of laughter and tears, of applause and curse – ultimately leading to the poverty and misery of millions of Filipinos vis-à-vis the dynastic power and wealth of but a few clans. Philippine politics is definitely a big cause of Philippine catastrophe.

Questions: How could politics be a liability to Philippine society? Are not all incumbent politicians dedicated to public service? Do not all candidates for public office pledge their pro-poor, pro-people, pro-development stance? Is there anyone among both the incumbents and the candidates who does not proclaim his/her honesty and integrity, industry and dedication to public welfare? Is it not true that in the lat analysis, all the sitting as well as aspiring politicos practically profess their respective sainthood?

More than credible socio-economic plans, programs, and projects, the more important pre-occupation of the so-called political parties in the country is what color they wear, what motto they shout, what entertainment they provide the electorates – not to mention what “things” they give away to get their votes. Yes. There are still some intelligent and capable, honest and dedicated aspirants for public office on the occasion of the forthcoming elections. But even if all are elected, there are so few to make a difference in Philippine politics. Sad but true!