Monday, April 08, 2013

We need to talk. – God

Somewhere at the right side of the highway leading to the South, there is a big billboard. It has a black background – with the following simple words written thereon in white: “We need to talk. – God”

To those who thought of – who spent for and continue to spend for the signboard – thank you! God bless you! Mabuhay! How many people you have reminded, you have inspired – the Good Lord knows!

People talking to people. People talking to themselves. People not talking at all. It is not only right and proper but also important and necessary for people to talk to God – every now and then at least.

When someone does not talk to God, he or she comes to think that either or both of them know everything, know the best of anything. This is exactly when individuals behave like gods to the detriment of their neighbors.

Why is it that man needs to talk to God? Because there are truths that He has to know, to remember, to observe. What is there to talk about? There are realities that God wants to remind man for his own good.

Man: What wrong have I done? God: What good have you left undone? Man: What sins have I committed? God: What virtues have you observed? Man: What do You want me to do for You? God: What will you do for others?

Man: There is so much I want to tee you. God: I have all the time to listen. Man: I am tired of people. God: I am not tired for you. Man: Life is so hard to live. God: It is harder to face death.

Man: I have done well. God: You can do better. Man: I pray much. God: Word hard too. Man: I love You. God: Love others as well. Man: I look for heavenly things. God: Look after earthly realities also.

It is a big loss if man no longer needs God – as this will mean that God is irrelevant to him, that he himself is all he needs. It is a big pity if man does not talk to God anymore – as this eventually means that he is a danger to others. It is great for man to have God to talk with – to call upon, to depend on, to listen to. Without God, what is man?!