Monday, April 22, 2013

Amazing Political Propaganda

Needless to say, it takes a lot of obsession and egoism on the part of the beneficiary plus ample craftiness and dedication on the part of the funded agents/agencies to come up with a truly amazing political propaganda in favor of the payee. This symbiotic relationship is precisely what makes the findings thereof questionable particularly in the ways they are done and in the conclusions they reach. In other words, below are the three of the more interesting survey results that were published lately for public consumption.

It all started both with the surprise and disgust that the general public registered when the “Magna Carta for the Poor” was rejected fast and loud by the highest public official in the land who is supposed to render the biggest public service to the country. Of course, much money is needed – money that comes from the pockets of the citizens, not from the said public official – to somehow alleviate the pervasive and long lasting poverty of millions of Filipinos. The imperative of education. The need of health care. The necessity of work. The problem of housing. Malacañang’s immediate response: “No! Too expensive! Possible lawsuits!” Public outcry: “Ha? What? Why?” Sequence of three more signal events thereafter:

First, there was the survey result that 81% of the poor in the country were “satisfied” with the fact that they are poor.

Second, there was a subsequent survey result that the Malacañang occupant in fact increased in his approval rating.

Third, there was the latest survey result that one of every 11 or something Catholics wants to change their religion.

The Catholic Church in the country must be a big pain in the neck of the present administration. It all started with the Population Control legislation. This anti-life stance is now still being denounced by such moves as a “Catholic Vote”, a “White Vote”, a “Mixed Religious Vote” and the like. It has therefore become imperative to undermine the Catholic Church – such as by the supposed survey result of the Catholics becoming non-Catholics. After all, Malacanang is decided in passing the “Divorce Bill” and the “Mixed Marriage Bill” - and the Catholic Church will once more surely speak and act against them.

By the way, when is such a “survey” ever been done before? Who asked for it and thus paid for it? And why was it done at all? If those in and/or around Malacañang simply want to know whether the Catholic population in the Country has increased or decreased year after year, let them just get a copy of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines' yearly publication of “The Catholic Directory of the Philippines” - and among the many data therein mentioned is concretely how many Catholics are there in one and every Archdiocese, Diocese, and Prelatures in the Philippines - among many other statistical data – every year. Comprende?