Monday, April 29, 2013



1. The KKK untouchables.
2. The big words and small works.
3. The addiction to self-advertisement.
4. The persecution spirit.
5. The gambling industry unlimited.
6. The omnipresent prostitution.
7. The interminable drug trade.
8. The standard thievery.
9. The customary “lagay” system.
10. The usual “kotong” practice.
11. The accepted “palakasan” norm.
12. The regular kidnappings.
13. The proliferation of weaponries.
14. The normal hold-ups.
15. The matter-of-facts killings.
16. The summary executions.
17. The gangsterism incorporated.
18. The violations of women and children.
19. The Filipinos as export materials.
20. The suffering and languishing OFWs.
21. The invincible NFA.
22. The MNLF reign.
23. The ominous VAT.
24. The privatization of public utilities.
25. The prohibitive cost of living.
26. The “Galunggong” importation.
27. The costly and lack of power.
28. The scarcity of work.
29. The wanting health care.
30. The problem of housing.
31. The expensive education.
32. The population control.
33. The hatred for live births.
34. The vetoed “Magna Carta for the Poor”.
35. The exit of the Filipino Professionals.
36. The costs of deforestation.
37. The curse of greedy mining.
38. The unresolved big crimes.
39. The Pork Barrel anomaly.
40. The CCT “limos” policy.
41. The business in politics.
42. The fun in Philippine elections.
43. The "Guns, Goons, Gold" syndrome.
44. The dynastic Philippine politics.
45. The invasion of Spartlys.
46. The Sabah surrender.
47. The Tubbataha parking lot.
48. The smuggling galore.
49. The doctored surveys.
50. The miracle Philippine Economy.
51. The Philippines as "First World Country".
52. The ever fruitful travels.