Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Just for the record

On the occasion of the election of the new sovereign authority in and for the Catholic Church all over the globe – the center of which is at Vatican City – it might not only be informative but also practical to hereunder name no less than 52 executive, legislative, and judicial entities in the Roman Curia that assist the Supreme Pontiff, His Holiness Pope Francis, in fulfilling his distinct, difficult and demanding Office:

I. Secretariat of State
1st Section: For General Affairs
2nd Section: For Relations with States

II. Congregations
1. Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith
2. Congregation for the Causes of Saints
3. Congregation for the Oriental Churches
4. Congregation for Bishops
5. Congregation for Worship/Discipline of the Sacraments
6. Congregation for the Evangelization of People
7. Congregation for Consecrated Life and Apostolic Life
8. Congregation for the Clergy
9. Congregation for Catholic Education

III. The Tribunals
1. Apostolic Penitentiary
2. Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura
3. Tribunal of the Roman Rota

IV: The Pontifical Councils
1. The Pontifical Council of the Laity
2. The Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity
3. The Pontifical Council for the Family
4. The Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace
5. The Pontifical Council "Cor Unum"
6. The Pontifical Council for Migrants/Itinerant People
7. The Pontifical Council for Health Care Workers
8. The Pontifical Council for the Interpretation of Laws
9. The Pontifical Council for Inter-Religious Dialogue
10. The Pontifical Council for Culture
11. The Pontifical Council for Social Communications
12. The Pontifical Council for Promoting of Evangelization

V: The Offices
1. Apostolic Chamberlain
2. Prefecture of the Papal Household
3. Administration of the Apostolic Patrimony
4. Prefecture of the Apostolic Economic Affairs
5. Office of the Apostolic Liturgy
6. Press Office of the Holy See

VI: Commissions and Committees
1. Pontifical Commission for the Cultural Heritage of the Church
2. Pontifical Commission for Sacred Archeology
3. Pontifical Commission for Biblical Apostolate
4. Pontifical Commission for "Ecclesia Dei"
5. Pontifical International Theological Commission
6. Pontifical Commission for International Congresses
7. Pontifical Commission for Historical Services
8. Pontifical Commission for Civil and Canon Advocates
9. Pontifical Commission for for Disciplinary Action in the Curia
10. Pontifical Commission for for the Swiss Guards

VII: Entities Affiliated with the Holy See
1. Vatican Archives
2. Vatican Apostolic Library
3. Vatican Press
4. Vatican L'Osservatore Romano
5. Vatican Publishing House
6. Vatican Radio
7. Vatican Television
8. Office of the Papal Chaplaincy
9. Office of Papal Charities
10. Labor Office

It then becomes undestandable what Pope Francis said to the Cardinals after they have elected him to the Papacy: "May God forgive you for what you have done!"