Friday, April 19, 2013

Gambling Addiction - Courtesy of the Administration

The marvelous and imposing casinos all over the country built in prestigious places, the online gambling sites established wherever possible and profitable, not to mention the various downright gambling forms promoted by the PCSO, not to mention either toleration and proliferation of the infamous Jueteng notwithstanding the massacres, murders, and corruption it nonchalantly promotes – and not to say anything at all about some 32 other forms of illegal gambling in the Country – all these are for public service and public welfare of the People of the Philippines, courtesy of the Government of the Philippines.

More. None other than the President of the Republic Philippines promotes the patronage of the Casinos by supporting nothing less than the building and operation of the “Entertainment City” – read “Gambling City” – at the Manila Bay Reclamation Area. More. The same highest public official in the land even lately approved the construction of the multi-billion “EDSA-Taft Flyover” for ready and easy access to the said “city” from Manila, Makati, and Pasay. More. The same Chief-in-Command is wherefore in fact even upgrading gambling addiction in the Philippines.

Insistent and continuous preoccupation with gambling and the required and ready money that goes therewith. Feeling of strong and persistent need to gamble with increasing amount of money for the desired excitement and satisfaction. Repeated unsuccessful attempts at stopping or even but a controlling gambling. Irritability and anger with the absence of the possibility to gamble. Gambling again and again to win or to recover loses. Lying to one’s family and to other people about one’s gambling habit. Commission of illegal – civil and/or criminal acts in order to finance gambling funded by fraud, theft, forgery, and the like. Funding of gambling through family assets in cash and/or in kind. Incurring huge debts on account of gambling without the capability of paying back.

Such is the nature and import of gambling addiction that is readily diagnosed by any tenable manual of personality impairments. In most cases, Gambling Addiction is much worse than drug and/or alcohol addiction. For one thing, these said addictions eventually kill the addicts themselves by such poisonous intakes. Gambling addiction, on the other hand, usually causes the addict to kill someone else – such as a casino money lender (at some 25% interest a day) whom the gambling addict cannot pay back as agreed upon.

Pathetic observation: The phenomenon of gambling addiction in the Country is through courtesy of the administration!