Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Faith and Morals

As faith is belief in God, morals mean the principles of living. These are the rather simple understanding of the meaning and import of faith and morals. As a matter of fact, faith and morals are a necessary pairing whereas one without the other is downright fallacy or consummate hypocrisy. Just as belief in God without its consequent norms of living is falsity, so too there can really be no principled living without belief in God.

Faith in God is what gives man dignity and honor. Morals in living are what make man worthy of trust and confidence. Godless individuals are dangers to others. Immoral people are liabilities to their neighbors. Look for an exemplary individual, a wholesome family, a peaceful community and there you find living faith and vibrant morals. And this brings to fore the social dimensions of faith and morals, the social implications of belief in God an principled living.

Woe to those who consider faith as good only for old men and women who have nothing to do, for little children who have nothing to worry about. Pitiful are those who think that morals are but for holy men and women. It is thus inanity to even but think that criminality and actual crimes are caused by those who really believe in God and truly live according to the imperative of morals. Worse. It is dysfunctional human reason that says that graft and corruption, lies and deceptions are committed by those who have true faith and observe proper morals.

Beware of individuals who are godless, who are amoral. This has special significance and relevance to those who hold public leadership positions from local to national levels. It is such individuals who believe in nothing and do anything they want, who are big social liabilities. No. Faith is not but a personalist matter in the same way that morals are a liability to people. Those who govern without faith and morals can be readily considered as anti-social individuals. Reason: It is themselves they believe in, they listen to and who therefore do as they please.

No. this is definitely not about faith that is Catholic, about morals that are Christian. It is but about the imperative of believing in the true God and of the necessity of observing the right morals. Why? Because true faith and right morals have their social dimension and consequent social impact. No more but not less either.