Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Appalling Value System

“Magna Carta for the Poor”: This is a very evident and distinct need in the country, considering the persisting poverty among millions of Filipinos, notwithstanding all loud claims to the opposite, courtesy of Malacañang plus repeated suspect surveys supposedly saying the contrary – such as 81% of poor Filipinos are “satisfied” with their poverty! Such a claim is not simply suspect but markedly incredible. This is precisely why the matter of health needs, the requirement of education, the issue of housing, the concern for the availability of work – all these are pervasive, distinct, and evident needs of the huge number of poor people in the Philippines.

Both the House and the Senate decidedly looked into the reigning poverty among the Filipinos, had their pursuant deliberations thereon until they both approved the “Magna Carta for the Poor” as something that is not only obvious but also imperative in the materially and ethically poor country. All dutifully, the Bill was sent to Malacañang for the much expected approval of the President who repeatedly and gleefully expresses his predilection and preoccupation for the poor who are his proclaimed “Boss”.

What happened next? This: The Bill was seen by Malacañang as preposterous basically due to its big funding requirement – something however that is only simply justified but actually imperative on account of the long standing enormous and pervasive needs of the poor in the country. The Bill was even perceived as a threat to the legal standing of the Malacañang occupant in the event that it would not be brought to total reality – or something the like.

So it was that the Bill was vetoed by no one else by someone holding the highest public office in the land, supposedly for the highest public service to the people. In more common language, the bill was considered “garbage” and to the “garbage can” it was nonchalantly thrown in. Unlike the infamous RH Bill that was certified as “urgent”, that was approved after much lobbying and much accompanying funding as well – and that was even signed in silence of a night. But the “Magna Carta for the Poor”? Denied! Shelved! Nixed!

But why – why the veto? Because there is no money available. Because the annual budget cannot accommodate the expenses. Because another Bill can be easily drawn, considered and passed by the Legislative Department. But then, why is it that the huge amount of money required by the implementation of the expensive Population Control Legislation is readily available? Why is it that there is always much money disposable for presidential trips here and there? Why is there money always available for the building and promoting of Casinos?

Where is the “Matuwid na Daan” going?