Friday, April 26, 2013


After the usual euphoria and accompanying rhetoric on the occasion of having won the last national election, the winner – victor, champion, conqueror — spoke loud and clear: “Kayo ang boss ko! Kaya hindi maari na hindi ko sundin ang mga utos ninyo!” Amazing! Heartening! Inspiring! Applause! Cheers!

But sad to say, some three years later, the clear and simple reality on the ground eventually came out likewise clearly and simply – when the truth is separated from but declamations: Ako ang boss ninyo! Kaya hindi maaring hindi ninyo sundin ang mga utos ko! How sad but how true! How disappointing but real!

Hence, there is the now famous – or famous – KKK. In times passed, it was the title and sign of bravery and integrity. Now, it stands for self-love plus a select, chosen and protected group.

So it is that nowadays – and probably for some more years to come – there are more unethical and wherefore anti-people social realities: Keep people few and poor, and thereby not only obedient but also subservient to the present donor administration. Give alms to the poor so they become dependent - and remain poor yet grateful.

Thus it is that the “Magna Carta for the Poor” – passed by the Legislative Department - was easily and immediately vetoed by Malacañang simply for lack of funds. Education – Work – Health - Housing: These are the basic and evident needs of multi-million Filipinos. If funds are lacking, then use the direct and indirect taxes by the people all over the land well. Lessen, if do entirely away with “pa-gwapo” travels. Spend less for the self-advertisements and such as infallibly super approval ratings, and so on and so forth.

Falsity and hypocrisy, duplicity and deceit and so forth - all these might triumph for some time, here and there. But all these ultimately bow down to the power of the truth. Reason: Truth has its own life and lives continuously until it exposes lies. Human history is the best proof of this reality. In other words, there are people who live a life of deceit and lies — until time finally comes when the truth exposes them as they really are.

It is a big consolation to note that there are individuals who are not really liars. They simply do not know what they are saying – or are merely incapable of making the distinction between right or wrong, between truth or lie.