Friday, March 29, 2013

The Pieta

There was once a mother tenderly holding her newly born Child, silently enjoying His looks of innocence, conscious of His utter dependence of her and attentively protecting His helplessness. There was a Child feeling good, cozy and safe in the arms of His mother, assured of her love and care, placing all His truth and hope in her. There was the same mother who saw to it that Child was comfortable and continuously cared for – especially so when she heard His little cries for attention and comfort. And there was the same Child who looked with admiration and delight at His mother while enjoying her tender embrace and smile. Those were enjoyable days, unforgettable times.

That was the tender scene of the NATIVITY.

Some thirty three years later, there was the same mother and Son finding them together again. This time the mother had her Son laying on her lap while she gave Him her right and loving embrace. This time, she was crying not laughing, lamenting not rejoicing. This time, He was not simply helpless but bloody and lifeless. The mother looked interchangeably to heaven and at her Son. While facing heaven she said nothing but “My God!” While looking at the One on her lap, she also had nothing to say but “My Son! These but four words said everything about the one and only “Mother and Child.”

That was the pitiful scene of the PIETA.

There is nothing like the impressive and memorable scene depicted by the “Pieta” in order to feel and even actually behold the poignant reality of pity and sorrow, of lamentation and mourning. It is bad enough when a son see and behold his dead mother, it is much worse when a mother not only see but also hold in her arms the dead body of her son – someone she carried in her womb and gave birth to, fed and cared for, taught how to talk and to walk, stayed by him until this could be on his own. In the case of the story behind the “Pieta”, all the above came to pass until the mother witnessed when her Child was falsely accused though altogether innocent, whipped many times over while remaining silent, crowned with thorns, crucified and eventually killed as a criminal.

The great news was that the Son rose from death to life and even ascended from earth to heaven. More: He took His mother with Him. So it is that the Son is coming back to pronounce final judgment on every individual – irrespective of their race, color, and creed. Everyone of them will get what they deserve as postulated by truth and demanded by justice.