Monday, March 11, 2013

“Team Buhay.” “Team Patay.”

All of a sudden, life or death has become but a political issue, nothing more than a partisan political matter. To speak openly about this reality is no taboo for the citizens of the Philippines. To choose publicly between the two alternatives is even forbidden by the laws of the Philippines. To be expressly pro-life or pro-death is taboo for the present government and agencies under its patronage – if not at its mercy. Formerly, it was the contest but between “pro-choice” or pro-right. Now, under the present regime, people are even asked to be pro-non-life or pro-extinction of life – courtesy of the national leadership and its well favored and rewarded allies.

There is definitely something very relevant as well as very serious about the on-going bout of “Life VS Death” that has gone viral, that has even gone before the Supreme Court. The fight is not simply about a poster separating personalities defending life or promoting death. It is about the law itself masquerading as some kind of a socio-economic developmental project generously funded certainly not by a single peso from the pockets of the said leadership and its faithful allies but by people’s taxes – as usual.

To claim that formal, official, and licensed population control favors life is not only too gross to proclaim but also too preposterous to believe. It is easy to know and to learn that to control population is precisely to stop births, to lessen life. This is the standing truth and bare fact openly experienced by countries that formerly subscribed to and strictly practiced population control. Now, they are basically singing a different song. They are urging and rewarding their citizens to have children who – they now know – eventually become the producers and consumers, the propellers of business and industry as the composite work force of a country.

Malacañang is both the author and the promoter of population control – irrespective of the costs and the means. Malacañang even went to the extent of officially certifying it as an urgent legislation for the country. Malacañang is dead sure that the Filipinos are the enemies of the Philippines, that their poverty and misery are their own making – not the continuing odious graft and corrupt practices in government, not the detestable smuggling unlimited in the country, not the dubious and interminable practice of the “Pork Barrel” system, not the conversion of politics into lucrative business – specially when favored by dynastic features.

“Team Buhay.” “Team Patay.” So have some people in a given place said, wrote, and displayed their work openly. So began the persecutory moves of a government entity – under the unsaid approval and delight of Malacañang. And so are other people in other places preparing to do the same according to their own ways and means. So is the battle joined!