Monday, March 18, 2013

Supreme Pontiff of the Universal Church. Vicar of Christ. Successor of Peter. Bishop of Rome. Head of the Vatican State.

It is the one and only institution in the world that is universal in membership coming from all cultures and languages, from all races and colors in all the continents on earth. It is the one and only living and surviving entity on earth that is more than 2000 years old – and counting. It is the one and only Church whose central government is identified with a State pursuant to a Geneva Convention that receives ambassadors from different counties and also sends ambassadors thereto as Apostolic Nuncios who in turn are ipso facto made the Heads of the Diplomatic Corp of the countries concerned – also according to the same Convention.

The above realities bring to fore the following reasonable questions: Who would dare want to be Pope – aspire for the Papal difficult, exacting and humanly impossible Office to have and to fulfill? Who in his right mind would campaign to be the Pope – seek the sovereign rule over the Church which is in the four corners of the globe? And who would even think that he has the human capacities and attributions to head the One, Holy, Universal and Apostolic Church – without the grace and providence of God?

The same realities as above said, affirm the following truths: That the Catholic Church could have been only founded by Christ Himself Who was, Who is, and Who will be her Life, her Guide and Light from her foundation to the end of time. That the Catholic Church wherefore could not but be protected and directed by the omniscient and omnipotent God Himself through Jesus Christ. That the weakness of the Church originates from her human members, in the same way that her strength and wisdom come from God the Father through the Holy Spirit.

In the course of human history, quasi innumerable men and woman have founded their own different churches, sects or religious groupings – under one interesting name/title or another. But as such institutions have but human beings as their authors and leaders, slowly but surely; they eventually disappear with the death of their founders. This is especially true when a church is inherited by the children or relatives of the founder. And understandably so: What is merely human passes away with humanity.

And there is the Catholic Church. Many people – even churchmen themselves with different offices and given titles – repeatedly attempted to get rid of her across the ages, by reason of anger, hatred and/or other vicious deeds. But She is still up and about. There is the Catholic Church that some people curse, despise and trample upon. But She will still be around and well when they ultimately come to pass as mere mortals. In fact, the Church now has another Sovereign Pontiff.