Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Seven Government Debacles – So Far

Call it debacle – disaster, catastrophe, and cataclysm – or whatever sinister phenomenon, the sad and painful conclusion is the same: The present government has committed and continues to commit one national self-degradation after another. This is admittedly painful to accept. But as the saying goes: “Truth has no party.” So too is truth beyond what color a political party bears, what slogan it loudly and repeatedly shouts. And the objective non-partisan truth is that after but some three-year of governance, Malacañang has already perpetrated no less than the following seven frustrating societal calamities:

The Luneta Fiasco. Here is the bad – very bad – start. While lives were at stake, there was government comedy in response thereto. And when lives were in fact lost, something but a grandiose official visit was made to the place of slaughter. This is why to this date, those whose loved ones were then killed, still harbor disgust if not hatred for the Filipinos in general.

The Impeachment Case. Making a mountain out of a molehill – this seems to be the very appropriate summation of the big show. While the focal rationale of the issue was persecutory hatred for the past administration that appointed the impeached official, the benefit of the persecutor is to have the branch of government concerned practically in its pocket – one way or another.

The Framework Agreement. There were then three warring factions in the region. But with all pageantry and pride plus big smiles, an Agreement was made with but one of them. No wonder then that the Agreement is onerous to bring to fulfillment. There is also now the fact of escalating Sabah mortal combat – traceable to a supposed “agreement,” on way of another.

The Privatization of Public Utilities. From birth to death, every Filipino is paying direct and/or indirect taxes to the government as postulated by “Legal Justice.” But then, the government is bound to provide the common good or public welfare of the people as required by “Distributive Justice.” To privatize public utilities – roads, power, etc., is unconscionable.

The Population Control. Human life is now unwelcome in the Philippines. And if any human life manages even but to have an initial existence, such maybe be readily nipped from the butt.

The Atimonan Massacre. It happened with the knowledge of and funding from the highest level of government. A voluminous report thereon was written. The lowly suspects are mentioned but nothing – so far – is said about the high government official.

The Political Royalty. It appears to be more than a mere dynasty. It seems to be becoming more and more a Royal Governance. The past says this. The future predicts this. Wait and see – some three years from now.

What’s next?