Friday, March 15, 2013

“Matira ang Matibay”

Presenting: Malacañang VS Church in the Philippines. The former has much earthly power and big temporal might. The latter has but spiritual strength and moral ascendancy. The former does not only have partisan influential political allies but also has secular forces in command. The latter simply lives by faith and acts with reason. The former has been governing the country for some three years. The latter is more than 2000 years old – and counting – in serving the world, giving some centuries years thereof in favor of the Philippines. If former would not have the Constitution changed, then it has but some three more years to be around. The latter has all the time to wait and see, to speak and act, to be around, and to watch.

Now it can be openly said: Malacañang has no respect for the Church, does not care about her mandate, does not listen to her teaching, does not understand either her nature or finality. On the other hand, the Church may not play deaf, blind and/or dumb about her Christian vision and mission – even if these are trampled upon by Malacañang in connivance with the so-called “First World Countries” which are in fact “last” by reason of their composite errant value system productive not simply of immorality but of actual gross amorality.

The fact is that Malacañang has issued its challenge as it continues to challenge the Church in the Philippines. So is it that the Church continuously and ardently proclaims the intrinsic value of human life – not to mention her insistence on deference to human dignity and respect for human rights. Malacañang, on the other hand, strongly detests human life not simply by promoting but also by funding population control in the country through the direct and/or indirect taxes of the Filipino people themselves. So is it that the Church cannot but affirm people, every one of whom is made to the Image of God as postulated by the Christian faith. Malacañang instead abhors people and therefore propagates depopulation all over the land.

And that is not all. Unless it changes its options according to its own drawn calendar, Malacanang -- among other amoral programs – is itching to launch more challenges to the Church in the Philippines. After “winning” its beloved and treasured population control legislation, Malacañang is resolved to have the “Divorce” and “Same Sex Marriage” legislations in due time.

Never mind what reason and ethics say about marriage and the family. Never mind what the 1986 Philippine Constitution plus the 1998 Family Code of the Philippines say about marriage and the family. Never mind what the Church subscribes to and teaches about marriage and the family. Malacañang wants the contrary. Question: Which will last – Malacañang or the Church? Answer: “Matira ang matibay!