Friday, March 08, 2013

Happy Days Are Here Again

Even with but the prospect of the forthcoming elections in the country, but specially so immediately before and during the electoral process, it can be said with truly great joy and really big pride: “It is more fun in the Philippines!” After the election – well… never mind. Never mind if there were gross election-related cheatings plus as a matter-of-fact killings in the different parts of the country where “bad blood” exists among the political contenders. Truth to tell, shameful violations of but fundamental ethics are standard accompaniments of Philippine elections that in fact, do not even observe elementary “Good Manners and Right Conduct.”

More. Never mind if most of those elected are not worth electing at all for incapacity and/or amorality. And never mind if majority of the Filipino people in general fund themselves “back to normal” – to the reality of poverty, to the plague of misery plus the scourge of criminality and oppression after the elections. And never mind as well if a big number of their so-called “elected” local and national public officials become preoccupied and busy in self-service not only in order to get their money back for enormous expenses they made to get elected, but also to earn much from the elective positions they won – positions with huge financial possibilities in both the local and national levels of government.

More. Never mind if the candidates have no real plan, programs, and projects but merely empty promises and tiresome overused slogans. Never mind if the candidates belong to any political party after putting up their own party. Why? All parties are the same in their ideology except in name. And never mind if the key issue and concern of the candidates is what color they wear.

More true than not, Philippine politics, among other things, is considered one really big business. That is why just as behind every profitable business is a rich and cunning individual if not a whole family in order to advance the big capital needed, so too the rule stands that only moneyed individuals and wealthy families run for elections – basically not only in order to become richer but also to wield power. In principle, only fools run for election if they are poor and intend to remain poor even after being elected.

Question: Why is it that “It is more fun in the Philippines!” on the occasion of elections? Answers: The candidates do a lot of spending, hand us a lot of money, pay for a lot of things basically to win over the voters and to wherefore hopefully win the election. The country is practically flooded with money. The people have much money in their hands to spend. More goods are brought from most stores. Business is great and profits are high. This blessed phenomenon has bit relevance to the big consumption of food, alcoholic drinks, and cigarettes – not to mention the purchase and delight that go with the purchase and consumption of more prohibited drugs.

Hence: “Happy days are here again!” Comprende, amigo?