Friday, February 22, 2013

Signs of Hope

There are marked indications that deviant Philippine political practices by large brought to fore by errant Filipino political mentality are not really that hopeless. This hopeful stance is premised on the significance and import of certain positive socio-political events and development in the history of the country - such as the following:

1. In 1978, the national elections held during the Martial Law Regime proved to be a shining moment in Philippine History. Filipinos took the big risk of telling the truth and faced the dangers of acting against the excesses of the dictatorial government.

2. In 1992, the Filipinos then experienced a peaceful transfer of power through the option of a President to step down from power. The COMELEC did its mandated task. The people cooperated through their non-government organization. And history was made.

3. In 1995, after the treacherous "dagdag-bawas" elections, the following spoke loud and clear against the systematic wasted of public funds: The Bataan Board of Canvassers. The lowly bureaucrats in the Health Department. The Commission of Elections senior officials.

4. More and more people are voting intelligently over and above partisan politics and personal popularity. More and more people are becoming vigilant in seeing to it that their votes are properly counted and accordingly accounted for.

5. More and more Filipinos share their time, talent and treasure through health voluntarism in favor of right and proper electoral process in the country. They embrace the fundamental mission of watching over the election -- before, during, and after its holding.

Yes, to date the elections in the Philippines are still besieged by the power of guns, goons, and gold. Yes, to this writing, there are more and bigger political dynasties. Yes, up to this day and time, there are still no honest-to-goodness political parties in the country. And yes, not only local but also national elections are influenced by fame and influence.

But, just the same, there are also more and more non-traditional politicians in view; more and more idealistic persons are running for political offices. In the same way, more and more young and visionary individuals are throwing their hats into the political arena.

There still remains much to be done. There is still a long way to go. There is the work in progress. But, surely, there are still signs of hope for more honest elections, for more capable public officials, for a better Philippines! Otherwise...