Friday, February 15, 2013


Call it “Reproductive Health Law,” claim it “Population and Development Plan” or name it any other questionable and/or urgent venture of the present administration, the base truth of the matter is that it is categorically and concretely about depopulating the Philippines – courtesy of the President of the Philippines plus his allies in the Legislative department, not to mention the affluence and generosity of multinational pharmaceutical corporations profitably and frenziedly manufacturing contraceptive and abortive pills for the world – the Philippines now specifically included.

This makes the population of the Philippines a marked enemy of the incumbent administration. According to its thinking and conviction, the Filipinos are the identified origin and cause of poverty and misery, hunger, and sickness in the Philippines. Hence, the brilliant idea and strong resolve of the President of the Philippines: Away with people! Away with the unborn! Away with the population! Let there be much food to eat, good clothes to wear, flush housings to live therein even if there are no children, men, and women.

It is in good order to ask with all respect and sincerity: If their fathers and mothers used contraceptive pills and/or employ abortive means, would the anti-population President himself and his political affiliates plus ideological supporters; pro-contraceptive businessmen and “Catholic” University professors; and, contra-unborn men and women particularly in Metro Manila, have been in fact born at all? With all good will and intention, do they look forward to their death in order to depopulate the country – considering that they are all for population control?

It might be good to ask the good President the following rather plain and simple questions:

If there is no life, what is there really?
If there is no life, what is “No wang-wang” for?
If there is no life, what is “Matuwid na daan” all about?
If there is no life, what are “CCT” or “PPP” concerned with?!
If there is no life, why is “Progress” and “Prosperity” so important?

There is something intrinsically wrong with the so-called “Reproductive Health Bill” – not only on account of its content but also by reason of its intent. And this is not merely a thought but a fact, not simply words but reality – as long since being experienced in many places with small populations. It is precisely on account of depopulation in foreign countries that has brought about the OFW phenomenon – which is not exactly something for the Philippines to be proud about!