Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Curse to the Filipino Culture

The Philippines is a pluralist society with diverge cultural heritages with various cultural emphasis. This reality is readily and particularly verified by the many Philippine languages spoken in the country – without denying the reality of a national language being formally taught in schools although people still prefer to speak their own native language.

There is however the phenomenon of a generic Philippine culture with a common structuring of social and ethnic values. This truth is distinctly based on the fact that the country remains one Republic, despite its many islands accommodating people of different customs and traditions plus different spoken languages as above said.

The most common social and basic ethnic trait of the Filipinos nevertheless remains one and the same: Their family concerns and pursuant perspectives such as family bonding together with family care and affection. The fact is that this distinct domestic orientation is one of the first Filipino features that foreigners in particular readily notice and marvel at.

It is not a secret that the Philippines has long been an exploited nation by the so-called “First World Countries.” This is especially why, notwithstanding all claims and declamations to the contrary, a great number of Filipinos are still poor and wanting. This is precisely why millions of Filipinos continue to seek work abroad despite the many hardships they live with plus the big dangers they face. Among other explanatory factors behind it, even the OFW phenomenon finds its rationale in the Filipino culture in favor of the family, viz., its financial support and security.

Considering the basic family orientation of the Filipino culture together with its conjugal and parental dimensions, there is ample reason and cause for the People of the Philippines to worry about the anti-family desire and design of the present administration. There is now a curse in the making against the Filipino culture in terms of its family orientation. For the record, since the Philippine became a Republic, the said administration has the lamentable distinction of gradually and purposely destroying such a precious Filipino cultural family feature.

Under not only the influence but also the mandate of the Chief Executive, the administration has already succeeded in passing the blatantly anti-family legislation of Population Control. This is not all. The same Chief-in-Command has another anti-family legislation at heart: Divorce. That is not all. Exactly the same Chief Commander has another counter-family legislation in mind: Same Sex Marriage. Pray tell with sincerity and candor: Are such blessings or curses to the Filipino culture?