Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Happy Days Are Here Again!

The midterm elections are just around the corner. And those not simply dreaming but in fact salivating of cornering juicy elective offices, are much expectant and super-alive. The so-called different “Political Parties” – compound complex groupings for convenience and not for conviction – have been formed with great creativity as to their names or titles. More. The candidates who opted to belong to this and that political factions are in fact the same not only their faces but also the dynasties they are members of. More. This is saying nothing about the enigmatic “Party Lists” with enigmatic names as well enigmatic constituencies.

All said political mergers carry various initials, have varying slogans, adopt variant colors. But allof them – and this means all of them – substantially make the same commitments and promises, express the same intentions and resolves. They are all pro-poor. They are all pro-education and development. They are all pro-justice and peace. And most of all, they are all pro-honesty and integrity – with heavenly oaths and angelic innuendos.

So is it that truly happy and even delirious days are here again! Political funding becomes an eminent consideration. Political plans, programs and projects are being invented. Political stage shows are undergoing preparations as to their where and when. Sponsorship of many activities – from the celebration of community feasts days to the funding of basketful tournaments – are being scheduled. Beer plus cigarettes are expected to flow and abound respectively – notwithstanding the “Sin Tax” law. Money and more money are earmarked for multi-media advertisements, for paying supporters, for eventually buying votes – included. And once more, political headquarters shall be put up and everything will be ready for the political gladiators to fight it out – with working or non-working PCOS machines.

By the way, considering the truly great amount of money needed to run for a political office, the elementary question is where will the money come from? Answer: This time around, it is not only jueteng money but also drug money that will be available to fund the forthcoming elections. Those who lose therein, they just eventually disappear to lick their wounded egos. For those who win, it becomes payback time for them in terms of adopting a hands-off policy as far as jueteng and drugs are concerned – at least. Furthermore, the winners have all the time to do a pay-in time in order to recover their election expenses and even further build their wealth and dynasty.

Meantime, it might be good to remember once again, that democracy and poverty make antithetical partners. In the same way, sovereignty and misery make an impossible paring.