Monday, January 14, 2013

Again and again

Every time--and there has been a good number of times--guns of different calibers and sizes, looks and kinds were used to commit hideous murders as a matter of fact, to perpetrate heinous crimes as usual, there always come to fore some people shouting for and insisting on the enactment of “gun control,” “gun ban,” and/or the re-imposition of “death penalty” even. And infallibly  there are certain individuals in the legislative branch of government who immediately express their opinions. And as customary, the executive department is careful in reacting to such calls.

The truth of the matter is that thousands of Filipinos have guns in possession--kept it their hips and clutch bags, in their homes and cars. What kind of guns? It is not known. How many guns each? This is a secret. What are their credentials for owning guns? This is a big question. Why do they own guns? Never mind. Are they mentally fit to have guns? This is not important. And where do they buy or get their guns? Are these sold to them from licensed gun stores? Are they simply smuggled into the country? Are they manufactures somewhere in Mindanao or elsewhere? Questions and more questions, yes. Answers, none.

The Philippine National Police provide guns to its members. The Armed Forces of the Philippines have guns as a matter of course. The separatist Muslims have guns. The NPAs have guns.  Government officials carry guns and/or have individuals bring guns for them. The politicians either bring guns or have chosen individuals carry guns for them. The security personnel of big businessmen have guns. The security guards of different establishments – like airports and seaports, like banks and hotel, like offices and malls, shops and even fast food chains – all have guns. The goons and hoodlums have guns. The “guns for hire” have guns – of course  In fact, guns are one of the three g’s – “guns, goons and gold” – that have a big bearing on the kind and outcome of local, regional, and local elections in the country.

The President of the Republic of the Philippines simply loves and keeps guns. He delights in target practice. How many recognition has he obtained in gun shooting contests, this can be verified. How many guns does he have, what caliber and make – this must be known to the one or more individuals in charge of cleaning and keeping them for him. In fact, on of the three “K’s” he has and keeps, precisely means “Kabarilan”. In other words, it would not be reasonable to assume that MalacaƱang – for four more years at least – would lead in having a so-called “Total Gun Ban” leading to a “Gunless Society.” This is not meant to offend anybody but simply to say the truth with sincerity and candor.

Conclusion: Give it a month or two and the feverish again and again preoccupation about guns now would be gone – as usual.