Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Abortion: Murder of One’s Own Child

The early Romans kept a meticulously maintained and reserved place in their houses of leisure or villas of pleasure. The place was considered not only necessary but also practical, not simply convenient but likewise pragmatic. It was known and called the “vomitorium”. Yes, it was place intentionally meant for them to vomit after eating and drinking much. They vomited and emptied their stomachs of their contents – in order to be able to eat and drink again and again by going to the “vomitorium” back and forth.

If “vomitorium” is disgusting, abortion is a very much more detestable. In the case of abortion, what is expelled and thrown to the gutter is not just food and drink. It is nothing less than a human being deliberately killed or murdered. What makes abortion – willful, deliberate, intentional – extra hideous and condemnable is that nobody else than the father/mother of the child did it by themselves and/or with the cooperation of others. In practice, it takes more than the mother alone to perform an abortion.

No wonder then that notwithstanding all rhetorical claims, declamations and claims to the contrary in the name of concern for and service to women, in favor and promotion of development and progress, it’s fair and square definition is the same in substance and reality: Abortion is the murder of one’s own child. The murder takes place through the deliberate intake of abortive pills or intentional recourse to contraceptives with abortive effect, inclusive of the willful to surgical interventions.

Now, what do faith and reason say? What do ethics and morals teach? What do State and Church legislations provide?

“God spoke, and these were His words: …Do not kill,” (Exodus 20:13). Thus Divinity has spoken after creating man to His image. To rule the world, God have but Ten Commandments. And one of this is precisely the respect for human life. And rightly so. Every human being is His own creation, and every one of them is created to His image. How can abortion be justified?!

“The State… shall equally protect the life of the mother and the life of the unborn from conception.” (Phil. Constitution 1986, State Policy, 12). Without motherhood, there would be no children. Without children, there would be no family. Without families, there would be no society. Without society, there would be no State, how can abortion be legalized?

“A person who effectively procure abortion incurs an automatic excommunication.” (Canon 1398 CIC) Among the penalties provided by Church Law, that of excommunication is the most severe and wherefore very sparing imposed. The conclusion is obvious: Abortion is a markedly heinous crime.