Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Filipino Family

Come 30th December, Sunday, the Catholic Church in the four corners of the globe then celebrates the “Feast of the Holy Family” which is the central content and spirit of the world famous “Belen”, viz., the Nativity scene. There are some important truths and relevant realities that come to mind and that can serve as reminders and/or guidelines for Filipinos families – long since being subjected to unethical teaching and amoral practices – specially during these uncertain times and troublesome national and world events.

First is the fact that the future of humanity by and large depends on the plight of families – be these strengthened or weakened, ethically formed or morally deformed, made self-sufficient or impoverished. As the base of the human pyramid, the more solid families are, the more steady its humanity.

Second is the consequent imperative of protecting the family from secular manipulative ventures in business and politics, especially from errant ideologies. It is not only disgraceful but also disgusting when families are destroyed because of greed for money and power.

Third is the empirical truth that the family is the first recipient of the blessing or the curse of the society. Whenever the matter of public welfare or common good is at stake, it is the family – that domestic community – that is blessed by its reality or debased by its illusion.

Fourth is that Filipino family is resilient but not immune to anti-family forces. Contrary to its common perception, the phenomenon of globalization is not simply about business and industry. It is also about the invasion of the materialistic and hedonistic values primarily from First World Countries.

Fifth is that the Philippines can be readily considered as the model and inspiration for other countries on that is the family, why is it there, what is it for. But this is true only in the rural areas. The families in the urban centers are already impacted by foreign and anti-family values/practices.

The non-news in the country is that the present administration – after but some two years in its six year term – has already managed to inspire, legitimize and fund population control. It is also a now-news that in due time, the same administration will move fir the legalization of divorce. What’s next? Who knows? One thing is certain though: There are marked indications that Malacañang can and will be anything but a promoter of ethical norms and moral values in favor of families. Sad but true.