Monday, December 17, 2012

Questions. Questions. Questions.

How come the Philippines remain a superior title holder in graft and corrupt practices in and out of government, in unabated abductions, in both standard and “tandem” killings, so too in regular violations of human dignity and human rights – not to mention corporate leaderships in deceiving, cheating, and stealing in both the public and private sectors of society, in contracts and obligations, including business and industry? This is saying nothing about a good number of lawmen who are precisely lawbreakers, about Courts of Law with the infamous “Decisions for Sale.”

How come the administration that claims integrity and thus wants admiration and salivates for adulation – not to mention the repeated declamations about its professed effective public service – tolerates drug trade and women trafficking, foments legal gambling as some kind of a flagship while at the same time bowing to illegal gambling lords with their ready and regular transmissions of fat and fattening payolas? This is setting aside the plagues brought about by smuggling, legal and illegal logging, and mining that impoverish the people, which destroy the environment.

How come the Philippine politics is associated with the promotion of personal interests and family concerns, identified not only with self-service but also with the pursuant abusive use of power and the pursuit of more and more wealth, not to mention its invasion by movie personalities together with dubious delusional figures and psychologically incapacitated individuals? This is not to mention the lamentable phenomenon that politics in the Philippines equals family or dynastic business.

How come Philippine elections to this date and time continue to be accompanied by the infamous triad of “guns, goons, and gold” that makes political candidates not only inexhaustible sources of money grants but also as the fearsome origins of harassments, threats, murders included? This is even keeping quiet about the reality of political campaigns as but big parties with the proper side-shows. Nothing here as well is mentioned about the counting and discounting of votes – an even present arithmetic problem.

Meantime, majority of Filipinos behave as if they “see nothing,” “hear nothing,” and “say nothing” – to which is added the pursuant phenomenal posture of “do nothing.” There is gross social injustice. There is pervasive misery. There is much hunger. Meantime, individuals and organizations who dare speak the truth about the misery in the country are readily branded as “enemies of the State.” Yes, there was the people’s move known as “EDSA 1” which was in fact followed by “EDSA 2.” But shortly thereafter, the spirit was dead. And life simply went back to the normal nonchalance mode.

When will the Answers, Answers, Answers come – if ever?