Monday, December 31, 2012

Population Control

Domination, regulation or supervision, to command, to rule or to dominate – all these realities inherently mean “control.” There is the regular “Pest Control,” the necessary “Product Control,” the needed “Gun Control,” and other controls for different salutary intentions or purposes. All of them are in accord with the demands of human life, the postulates of human dignity and human rights. All of them are in line with the requirements of social order and the postulates of the common good. But Population Control?

As far as the Philippines is specifically concerned, government control over the Filipino people is anything but ethical and moral, proper and just. It smacks of the assumption that the people are dangerous, treacherous and inimical even. The truth however is that it is the People of the Philippines who should exercise control over their government – not the other way around. Reason: the government is financed by the people for service to the people as demanded by social justice – not the reverse nor the opposite thereof under threat of autocracy, tyranny or despotism, if not pitiful illusion of grandeur due to whatever kind of personality disorder.

In other words, Population Control (“PopCon”) in the Philippines – under any deceptive title or manipulative design such as “Reproductive Health” – ultimately means the following: That the people are the enemy of the government and should be then accordingly controlled by it according to its own desire and design. That the people are the liability if State and should be wherefore lessened as much as possible so that the Philippines will be a First World Country that is usually without either faith nor morals. That the people are the cause of poverty and misery in the country, and should be consequently decimated much and fast – except the rich and the powerful. That the people are the impediment to development and progress of the Philippines and should be wherefore rendered few – the fewer the sooner, the better. That with a minimum population, resources infallibly become abundant, wealth becomes readily theirs and everybody is happy. It is as plain and simple as this: Depopulation equals benediction!

Never mind the living experience of countries that were successful at depopulating – controlling – their own people through all conceivable means under all deceitful controlling pretenses. Never mind if a big majority of their population are now old people who can neither work nor be the promise of a better socio-economic future. And never mind that such countries have been to import foreigners to manage their industries, to run their factories, even to teach their children. Such is the picture of their dangerous human pyramid: The elderly are at the base of the population while the young are at the tip thereof. Such inverted human pyramid is the preamble to social disorder.

Happy population times – courtesy of Malacanang!