Wednesday, December 05, 2012


Have a long life! Live long and well! May a long life be yours! Thus says the Filipino – not only in welcoming someone but also in celebrating his or her achievement, in rejoicing for his or her excellence or victory. It is along the British joyful shout of “Long Live the Queen!” in favor of the long reign of the Queen of England. “Mabuhay!” is some kind of a trademark expression of the long standing Filipino culture that not only loves and treasures but also toasts and celebrates life.

And so it is that Filipinos not only hold life is high esteem but also celebrates it with gusto and delight. And such perspective is not simply right but also realistic. Reasons: Is there anything else more precious than life? Is there anything more lamentable than death? And for that matter, is there a really free choice between life and death? Thus stand the sincerity and candor of the Filipinos. And one of the best proofs of this attribution is precisely their celebratory shout of “Mabuhay!”

So it is that Filipinos have the signal distinction of celebrating the longest feast of Christmas in the whole world. And Christmas is the special recall of nothing else than the birth of Christ, i.e., His coming to life in the world of man. So is it too that the coming of humanity was signaled by the life given to the biblical first man and woman. If life were denied to humanity, were refused to Christ, what would be then lift? Without life, what is there worth having?

If the infamous “RH Bill” were passed by the Legislature and signed into law by the Malacañang Chief in command, then the triumphant shout of “Mabuhay!” should be changed instead to “Mamatay!” Population control sees human life as a curse considers human birth as an anathema, looks at people as the enemy. How unfortunate but true! One thing is certain, viz., those pushing for the passage of the Bill are already alive, and already have life – something they precisely want to deny to those still waiting to be born.

It is bad enough to prevent the coming of human life. It is even much worse to kill human life even before its birth. It is definitely impossible that the funding sources, the promoters, and their allied agents in population depletion would not incur the pursuant ethical responsibility and answer for the consequent moral accountability. To fool around with human life – this is unconscionable as it is heinous. To say and/or believe the opposite is for the blind, deaf, and mute.

Honest, is there really a free choice between “Mabuhay!” and “Mamatay!”?