Friday, December 21, 2012

Good. Better. Best.

The world is not well even but considering that it is divided in terms of “First World” and “Third World” countries with the necessary connotations of their radical difference in the socio-economic development or patent deterioration. The former enjoy industrial progress and stability. The latter are saddled with financial stagnancy if not dire poverty and misery. This is not to mention the dominance (“First World”) or subordination (“Third World”) of one country to another – as if there are people who are more people than others.

And this is neither saying anything about the nuclear weapons and consequent arms race going on among nations with different ideological convictions and/or political structures. Neither is anything said here about the two blogs of power dividing the globe into the “West” and the “East”, silently but definitely and bitterly fighting one another for world dominance. When would fresh blood actually flow from one or both of them, this is in the waiting. But just the same, they are becoming more aggressive and wherefore likewise more alienated one from the other.

It is good that the Philippines is basically still in peace and in order compared with certain Middle East countries that are exchanging bombs and therefore people make turns killing other people – with nonchalance. In addition thereto, wanton destruction of properties and wastage of resources are the order of times and as a matter of course. What is worst is that there are also deadly animosities among the citizens of one country against the other on account of “religious” conflicts. It is ridiculous for anybody to say that Divinity would ever tell people to hurt and even kill one another.

It will be better if the Philippines would be eventually at real and lasting peace in the South where some Filipinos have long since engaged in moral combat against one another. So too if the right and the left would be finally able to embrace one another in forgiveness and reconciliation. And what a better Philippines there would be if there were lasting peace and order therein, instead of bitter dissent plus downright criminality, and if the law were thus applied equally for everybody.

It will be best if the Philippines could have a competent leadership, i.e., someone who leads, not just being led instead by alter-egos and stand-ins, somebody who would have sufficient knowledge what to do and have the guts to do it – without exemptions. At the same time, it would be great if the people of the Philippines would stand up, speak, and act in favor of the common good. Would that they remember that it is truth that brings about justice and it is justice which in turn ushers in peace.