Monday, November 05, 2012

Yellow or Red

In this country here and now, there appears to be a progressively heating antagonism and fighting mood between two locally famous colors, viz., the yellow and the red. The yellow represents some kind of a monarchy in terms of parental and filial affiliation. The yellow has a lot of adoring supporters and rah-rah followers. The red on the other hand stands for communism, socialism, and their affiliates in and out of the Philippines. Both colors are fighting for leadership in government and everything else that goes therewith – such as the tenure of power and the command over wealth.

At this juncture, it might be good and timely to forward certain realistic as well as practical principles – as some kind of a summary review of said inter-color league: One, not everything that the tallow corps say and/or do is good, as if it had an exclusive command of righteousness. Two, at the same time however, neither everything that the red brigade say and/or do are bad. Three, it is then incumbent upon the general public to sort out the difference, to continuously and consistently side with what it right, proper, and just – and together decide and move as a sovereign people.

Meantime, let both the yellow crew and the red squad know that there seems to be something brewing in the air, i.e., people who appear fed up with the color context, who simply want to be freed of poverty and misery, and who seek socio-economic development and peace for the generations yet to come. It can be thus said that they are by and large “color blind,” i.e., they are neither for the over-used yellow nor the fuming red. They simply want the truth that brings about justice which in turn forwards social order.

And this brings to mind the continuous emergence of movements, groupings, and associations that appear fed up with the not funny antics of the yellow faithful and guarded as well with the heavenly promises of the red followers. While apparently still scattered and wherefore still not solidly unified, said organized aggregates – as expected – know well one another and are well conscious too that in due time, they might emerge as but one big composite whole. And their common binding force is the fact that they are more and more fed up with the yellow triumphal postures and cautious as well with the red burning anger.

Poor Philippines! Pitiful Filipinos! When will they ever have and enjoy the blessings of good governance? When will they be able to really trust their public officials? And where will they pin their hope and yearning for a better country? They were freed from Martial Law yet became captured by bad governments! Twice they were released from awful administrations only to fall into two successive flawed national leaderships.

Conclusion: There must be something better for the Philippines than but yellow or red!