Friday, November 30, 2012

Population Control Bill

The so-called "Reproductive Health Bill" has much to explain in order to honestly reveal its real nature as well as to ;prove its true worth--no mention its inherent finality.  One thing is certain, the Bill is the favorite option of the Executive Department.  And, as a matter of course, it is also the mandated priority agenda imposed on the Legislative Department by MalacaƱang.  But notwithstanding such close and strong partnership between the two branches of government, the Bill has remained a bone of contention of long standing. Why?

The first thought that comes to mind is why was the proposed legislation titled "Reproductive Health Bill"?  Precisely, the Bill is not only patently against reproduction but also a danger to the health of women in particular--for harmful chemical consumption.  So it is that those responsible for the formulation and consequently working for the passage of the Bill, have taken recourse to such a camouflage title in a futile attempt of hiding the devious content and questionable intent of their favorite Bill.  True?

the reality is that the Bill is clearly and squarely about controlling the population of the Philippines.  Reasons:  The Filipinos are seen as the composite cause of their own poverty and misery--not to mention the danger they thus bring to the First World countries.  The Filipinos are also considered as the corporate obstacle to their own development and progress.  The Filipinos should therefore be reduced to the minimum in number.  The fewer they are, the better future they have.  The less they are, the richer they become.  The least in number they are, the least danger they are to developed and progressive countries.  Really?

The second thought that comes to fore is the foreign intervention that is behind the Bill, the foreign powers that are pushing for its passage, the foreign pharmaceuticals that are covetous of more income, greedy for bigger profits through the continuous manufacture and brisk sale of contraceptive as well as abortive pills.  This is saying nothing about the local multinational business corporations that support the passage of the Bill for a share of the spoils coming from the purchase of the so-called "essential medicines", i.e., "Thou shall not have children" pills and complementary items.  Interesting!

The third thought that has just recently emerged is that it is not exactly known--the second, the minute, the hour--when fertilization takes place, when animation happens.  the ready argument and convenient conclusion invoked and advanced by the anti-population advocates are neither logical nor coherent, viz., the intake of contraceptive/abortive pills is then in order precisely due to the unknown about the time when fertilization happens, when animation takes place.  It is strange that the supposedly thinking individuals would base their argument and conclusion on things unknown, i.e., on matters they are ignorant about. Strange?