Monday, November 19, 2012


For a start, it is but right and proper to state categorically and expressly that God cannot but be truly concerned with and attentive to the reality, the activity and finality of politics – even if only due to the fact that the latter’s eventual beneficiary or ultimate victim is man, his fellows, and progeny included. And man is the favorite of God, the centerpiece of His creation. Hence:

Any true believer in God, Who made man, Who love him, and cared for him, may not play blind, deaf, and dumb when his fellows are exploited and oppressed on account of deviated politics as precisely now taking place practically all over the Philippines. Let man know that there is a whale of a difference between understanding and cowardice, between patience and foolishness.

No true Filipinos, Christians, Muslims, and other decent citizens may legitimately shun the duty of promoting genuine and sound politics – the measure of which is how politics promote and preserve the public welfare, how politicians work for and enhance the common good, and how the government agencies preserve and advance social justice.

The citizens are direct and indirect tax payers every time they have income and/or make expense in order to fund their government and pay their public officials. The citizens thus have the right and obligation to act as demanded by truth, justice, and peace – even if such collegial move could offend certain politicians, incense some so called “public servants.”

No Filipino worth his inherent dignity as thinking and accordingly behaving creature may remain indifferent when politics has become identified with the tenure of power and wealth, when politicians have become experts in self-service with dynastic dimension. Otherwise, no Filipino as well, may complain when he or she becomes immersed in poverty and misery.

And concretely as far as the believers in God are concerned, let them not accept the pretense of the government and politicians that these are beyond the reach of ethics, outside the scope of morals. Reason: This is tantamount to saying that they are exempted from the Ten Commandments; they are over and above the distinction between virtue and vice.

Finally, let the same believers be aware that there is a good number of politicians who indulge, commend and/or patronize them precisely because they are believers. These are the politicians who would say and do anything simply to obtain their political support – especially during elections. Yes, there are politicians who use even God and the believers for their own benefit.

Philippine Politics – thy name is either salvation of condemnation, blessing or curse, hope or despair! Who must and can make it the former? The Filipinos! Who else?