Friday, November 02, 2012


The science of governance, the administration of public affairs, the conduct of the affairs of a State – these are some of the more general and common understanding of politics. One thing nevertheless is certain – no matter how politics is defined, understood and/or practiced in this and that country, in the present or the past: It’s fundamental and over-all objective finality is the common good of man, the public welfare of society. The more pro common good, pro public welfare is politics, the more genuine and admirable it is.

It other words, people are and remain at the center of politics as the latter’s corporate subjective beneficiary. The benefit of man as the primary concern and focus of politics remains independent of whatever individuals, certain leaders, specially these or those politicos opine, say, and/or claim. Politics is for the good of man – not exactly for the good of politicians. To believe and/or do the opposite is a human disgrace, a social curse. And the more altruistic politicians are, the better they become.

The enactment of the needed laws, their observance, and the administration of justice in the event of their violation as stipulated by social justice – this composite agenda is the principal task of politics and wherefore the mandatory commitment of politicians under penalty of treachery. Whenever politics become something else than people oriented, then the ultimate and standard corporate victim of such an errant phenomenon is the people.

Thus comes to fore the obvious truth that the essence and purpose of politics are thwarted by nothing and nobody else than politicos who are pro-selves, pro-relatives, pro-friends. This is when they effectively become living impediments to the satisfaction of the needs and the realization of the yearnings and aspirations of the people. And this is precisely when politics acquire a bad name, a disgusting impression. This is exactly what is happening in this otherwise dear and endearing country.

So it is that it has become a given in the Philippines that politics is equated with the pursuit of power and wealth, with the commission of graft and corruption, with the emergence of disgust and nausea – when it is in fact the Filipino politicians who are guilty of such a disgraceful and deviated impression of politics. This is precisely why many are those who become angry and agitated with mere mention of the word “politics”.

Of course there are exceptions but the rule remains: There are still good and upright politicians in the Philippines. These however are few and far between. It is enough to think of political dynasties, to be aware of the shenanigans that accompany elections, to take note of the trio of “guns, goons, and gold” that is the standard recourse of notorious politicians. This is why truly good and very able Filipinos shun politics as some kind of an incurable disease. They should be made aware and convinced that there is a real distinction between politics and politicians. Otherwise, this country would be beyond redemption.