Friday, October 26, 2012

The Devil Is In The Details

So the saying goes. So the reality is. So is the same with the 2012 "Framework Agreement on the Bangsamoro." The over-all goal of the "Agreement" is peace. Only the freaks love war. The general intent of the "Framework" is concord in Mindanao -- the "Land of Promise." Only the weapon manufacturers rejoice in deadly social disorder. With sound reason and good will, there is no reason why the details in the "Agreement" cannot be all eventually agreed upon.

Prayer: Would that the Framework Agreement eventually bring peace and order in Mindanao! Would that the mortal conflict not only between the Philippine government and the rebels but also among the Muslims themselves, finally come to an end. Would that lives be then saved -- not lost. And would that development then become a reality -- not destruction. Aftet all is said and done, is there really a rational choice between war and peace, between death and life?

It is given however that there is still a long way to go, a big challenge still to overcome. Would the Muslim people in general really want and work for peace? Would the MNLF, MILF, and BIFF finally unite for the sake of peace? Would the Philippine government work with Bangsamoro in the name of truth that is productive of justice which in turn is the premise of peace? Is there really an alternative after so many years of bombings and killings, of much devastation and long desperation?

The Good Lord created one humanity. He made all men equal. He gave each of them the mind to know the truth and the will to pursue the good -- irrespective of race, color, and creed. Why is it then that humanity is divided into so many antagonistic parts? Why is it then that there is the lamentable phenomenon of men vs men to the extent of violence, lost of limbs and lives, ruin of resources and possibilities?

There can be many answers to the above questions. But there is one ultimate answer that is in accord not only in the light of reason but also in the sphere of faith -- beyond mere spiritualism and pietism. This: The evil spirit -- the devil. With the saying that "The devil is in details," its odious manifestation specially comes in terms of money, power, and/or conceit. In the event that there would be precisely disagreement about the "details" in the "Agreement", it would not be really hard to know the fundamental reason behind such a misfortune. Then, the winner is none other than the evil one -- again!