Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Thank God!

Considering the heart rending phenomenon now taking place in the different parts of this volatile world, attending to the markedly unstable global situation primarily on account of the gross hardships experienced in living life, omitting the mention of certain people not only harboring anger but also downright hatred in their hearts for one reason of another – thank God for the Philippines for being still basically peaceful! Praised be the Filipinos for being still calm and at peace!

There is the continuous manufacture of lethal weapons, the steady production of deadly war implements, the progressive deployment of well-armed soldiers in foreign countries. This is not to mention the some kind of a social time bomb built by religious gross insults and progressively awakening religious ire. Thank God for the Philippines for its inability to wage war, all posturing to the contrary withstanding! Praised be the Filipinos for still keeping their sobriety and nurturing their equanimity!

There are the glaring facts of hunger and unemployment, the reality of meager and stagnant salaries of those who happen to find local work instead of being OFWs, the misfortune of the continuous rise of prices of basic commodities plus the infallible payments of direct and indirect taxes from birth to death. Thank God for the Philippines that is still one Country with but one people! Praised be the Filipinos who remain patient and resilient.

This is not to mention the ever present and increasing number of criminals especially in urban areas with their repeated heinous deeds especially against human life, the reality of some lawmen being in fact lawless elements of society. There are also a good number of public officials who make self-service their expertise instead of doing public service as they should. Thank God for the Philippines that manages to survive all such atrocities! Praised be the Filipinos who can still tell jokes and laugh!

There was the imposition of Martial Law when thousands of patriotic people were killed, when human lives became cheap in the same way that human rights were grossly violated. There was the leadership that was perceived as the incarnation of corruption and equated with dynastic politics. Thank God for the Philippines that witnessed peaceful uprisings instead of civil wars! Praised be the Filipinos who said prayers instead of firing guns!

Let it be said though that the Philippines has records of bloody wars such as when the Spaniards became abusive of the people and when the Japanese oppressed the Filipinos. But just the same, would that the People of the Philippines keep their culture of endurance and understanding! Thank God that the Philippines is not (yet) some kind of a middle-east country!