Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Here We Go Again!

Happy days are here again. It’s mid-term election time. The anticipation is exuberant and the spirit is celebratory. The candidates for election are all ready to give long-winded speeches – without excluding the singing of requested songs in addition to staging celebrity shows. Meantime, the electorate is willing to be fooled in the same way that they are ready to receive favors from the political candidates, in kind and/or in cash.

So it is that those aspiring to land one kind of elective political office or another, are all geared up for the “fight,” the contest,” and “the ‘race.’” They are ready with the money to spend, prepared to fund their supporters, willing to pay for tri-media advertisements among many other campaign expenses – inclusive of violent agency at times. In short, they have in command the standard “guns,” the needed “gold” and the usual “goons” to win their chosen elective public offices. Meantime, there are really no political parties but mere convenient groupings of politicos. And more than platforms of government, what is really deemed important are the convenience of political mergers, the availability of money to spend, and the fondest hope and wish of wining the elections.

All said political groupings or “mergers” sport different interesting titles and carry different initials. The so-called political alliances have different slogans and make different signs, not to mention wear different colors. More. They are all pro-poor, pro-people, pro-country. They are all pro-justice and peace, pro-education and development. More. They all claim sincerity, honestly, and integrity – as they recruit and pay supporters, fund different activities and celebrations, marriages and feasts included. Why? To have the votes – irrespective of the ways and means.

And the mid-term elections will eventually come to pass and ultimately done away with. As usual those elected politicos will decidedly regain what they spent and much more – at the easiest and shortest time possible. Meantime, it is good and proper to bear in mind the following standard post-election scenario: The Philippines predictably remains an underdeveloped country. A big number of Filipinos continue to wallow in poverty and misery. Millions of the Filipino people have to be OFWs to earn something to support their families. Local salaries are low while prices of basic commodities continue to rise.

EDSA 1 and EDSA 2 came and went as recorded by Philippine history. Since then, many Philippine elections have been held and done away with. This and that President came and left. These and those political families as well as political clans came and refuse to disappear. Meantime, the Filipinos by and large remain still needy and still unschooled – if not desperate and angry even.

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