Monday, September 24, 2012

“Kayo Ang Boss Ko!”

“Kayo ang boss ko!” It cannot be otherwise, considering that the Philippines is committed to observe the principles and spirit of republican democracy in governance. It is but a presumed or given mandatory norm of conduct by all government officials – from the local to the national level. It is but a fundamental truth that a public office is a public trust for public service. This is why the loud and clear shout once made by a high government official – “Kayo ang boss ko!” – was something not only expected but also obligatory.

But the shout was made, the shout was not followed through and the shout is now considered but a bad joke. The fact is that while neither said nor heard, there is the distinct feeling – specially among those suffering from poverty and misery – that now, the truth is that the unwritten proclamation is “Ako ang boss ninyo” This is neither insensibility, megalomania or a dictatorial tendency. Whatever it is, the conversion of public service to public domination is not funny, much less a welcome social subversion.

“Kayo ang boss ko!” If so, why is it that the “boss” is allowed to suffer more and more in the ever increasing costs of gasoline, electricity plus basic commodities? Why is it that Filipinos are deliberately and decidedly sent overseas to work so that they will keep the country economically afloat through their money remittances? Who then is the real boss?!

“Kayo ang boss ko!” If so, why is it that the “boss” is not spared from criminals who not only kill and kidnap but who also rob and rape with impunity and nonchalance? Why is it that the poor are looked upon as but wayside beggars with some cash hereto thrown – for dubious purposes even? Who then is the real boss?!

“Kayo ang boss ko!” If so, why is it that the “boss” is allowed to suffer in favor of few and much esteemed personal colleagues at the expense of the common good, at the cost of public welfare? Why is it that only personally selected personalities are persecuted while other known corrupt and corrupting individuals are left unnoticed and untouched? Who then is the real boss?!

“Ako ang boss ninyo!” This is the present policy though unsaid and unwritten about. This is gross but at least it is true. It is offensive but it is the living reality. Now, it is understandable why someone speaks and everybody else must listen and obey. Somebody does what he wants, and the underlings may not but say “Amen!” Why? Simple! He is the boss!