Friday, September 28, 2012

Globalization and Deculturation

While it is already a distinct destructive reality, the same is however by and large unsaid and possibly even unnoticed. And although it has a distinctly adverse impact on sound culture – right ethical values and consequent proper behavioral patterns – it is by and large still ignored and wherefore not counteracted. It has been taking place worldwide long since but people in general seem to take it for granted. Such is the fact globalization that is gradually but decidedly causing deculturation, i.e., the destruction of wholesome cultural factors in once basically wholesome countries.

Such a societal phenomenon has special relevance to the Philippines – a country with multi-century-old dear and endearing value system such as the following: Simple life and living. Contentment with little possessions and resources. Neighborly orientation especially in terms of hospitality. Respect for women and the elderly. Purity of body and spirit. Love of plain and clean fun. Unsophisticated religiosity. Eager anticipation of feast days – observed both for the living as Christmas or the dead as All Saints Day.

But globalization has been gradually and decidedly eroding such expressions or manifestations of Filipino culture. And considering that it is basically the so-called “First World Countries” that are the composite cause and strong motor of globalization, it is wherefore understandable that their inherent and well-known materialism, hedonism and individualism have slowly but surely invaded and thereby damaged the cultural heritage of the Filipinos. The present generation does not even know what they lost to the so-called “modern” way of living.

Globalization is definitely very much more than socio-economic concerns, development, and progress. It is also about the propagation of foreign values and visions that are productive of immortality – if not downright amorality. The truth of the matter is that among the more effective and wherefore more destructive globalizing factors in today’s world, foreign movies, television productions, inclusive of social media can be counted as most effective deculturation of “Third World Countries” – the Philippines well included.

Materialism not idealism, egoism not altruism, carnality not spirituality, depravity not integrity, avarice and greed in place of honesty and generosity, graft and corruption instead of probity and decency – all these and many more complementary global deviate options are the primary causes of the destruction of the decent and sensible cultural heritage of the Filipino people. How sad! How true!
No. this is certainly not batting for primitivism, this is but telling the truth about the reality of globalization VS Filipino culture.